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A Word from the Council Registrar

Dear Colleagues,

I greet you in the name of the profession. UMDPC salutes all of you who are engaged in providing quality care to Ugandans. Within this year, UMDPC has seen growth in number of medical Schools increasing. This has come with its challenges as many face shortage of staff, infrastructure and materials to use. In this light, UMDPC worked with the Joint East African Medical and Dental Councils and Boards to re-inspect the Ugandan Medical and Dental Schools. A follow up plan was put in place to ensure that recommendations for each University are implemented and this may include joint 5th year exams for all Medical and Dental Schools. Training has yielded more doctors to the Country which will contribute to better Doctor: Patient ratios. However, UMDPC with other stakeholders will have to ensure better quality interns through opening new internship sites staffed with qualified and motivated supervisors.

UMDPC continues to remind all practitioners to register all their qualifications on top of having their Annual Practicing Licences. This is a legal requirement. Practitioners are informed that the legal fraternity has now taken opportunity to take on defaulters especially if they are on wrong side of the law. Council has installed an online Licencing platform and it is expected that Practitioners will get their APLs on line this 2017.

UMDPC will in 2017 implement the CPD portfolio by ensuring that all Practitioners renew their licences only after showing evidence of acceptable CPD credits to Council. I call all Professional Associations, Agencies and other Private Health Facilities to apply as CPD providers so as to enable all colleagues to access CPD. Online CPD programmes will be incorporated to serve busy and rural folks.

I also inform you that UMDPC has launched an inspectorate of supervisors in the Regions composed of Senior Colleagues that we feel will guide and add value to the profession. The Regions of Busoga, Bukedi, Bugisu, Teso, Lango,Acholi,Bunyoro and Kigezi commenced supervisions this December 2016 ,please offer them the support necessary. An inspection self regulatory tool,that will be used was sent on your mails but also available on the

A new Committee of Council has commenced guiding and assisting practitioners who are not fit to practice as a result of physical, mental or drug/alcohol abuse. Please inform Council of these Practitioners in your midst so that they get care and guidance. Please be reminded that it is an offence to operate with Colleagues who are not fit to practice. UMDPC has also reviewed its Act to close gaps that impede full implementation of its mandate especially in Training of Health Professionals and Inspection of health facilities.

Colleagues, UMDPC and the public are awash with complaints arising from the quality of service. We urgently need to improve on professionalism and ethics in order to restore confidence to the public. UMDPC will continue to collaborate with Professional Associations in providing feedback to Professionals with aim of improving health care as well as sharing of experiences and good practices.

Finally, UMDPC welcomes contributes from all Practitioners that will enhance quality of care to our clients, professionalism and prosperity amongst ourselves. Kindly visit our website to see new developments at your Council.

Dr Katumba Ssentongo/Registrar

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